About Me

Hello. I'm an Art Director and Illustrator working in London. I work at Beyond http://www.bynd.com/ in Central London, allowing me to work with some cool clients like Google, Youtube, Virgin, Ebay, Paypal, Hewlett Packard and more.

I'm lucky in that I get do work on some cool projects - but I also love working on my own stuff, and helping out on some cool startup projects and web channels.

So this blogfolio is somewhere for me to shove all of my extra-curricular creative work - as well as some of the pieces of work I do at Beyond. The private work I'm most proud of, are the Star Wars Iconoscopes (which got me a little viral action) and my artwork for Wil Wheaton's Tabletop, which after I did it and he saw it, is now featured in the show itself. I've also worked with Blame Society Productions on some of their shows, and am currently working on helping some cool Board Game designers.

I'm a geek and a nerd at heart (yes, they have different meanings - because I know that, I know that I'm one of the two)  - I love sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows - I'm spending more time watching Web TV content over cable and satellite shows these days - getting into the niche geeknerd content that fascinates me.

I have a beard, wear glasses and am fluent in nearly one languages.

Hope you enjoy the site and if you want to contact me you can reach me by email at: waynedoz@yahoo.co.uk or you can follow me on Twitter.

This blog is printed on recycled pixels. Please drink this blog responsibly.